Experience! 2019 Scholarship Application




    The 2019 NACE Experience Conference is THE premier conference for catering and creative event partners. It is the perfect blend of creativity and connections, from the meals being served to the high-rated sessions and award-winning keynote speakers 

    Greater Denver nace 2018 experience scholarship 


    This scholarship to attend the Experience! Conference in July.  The Scholarship will be awarded to (1) professional member. The scholarship will include airfare, hotel accommodations, hotel transfers to/from the airport, and conference registration. It is the responsibility of the member to fill out the below questions and submit no later than Tuesday, May 7th to the NACE Immediate Past President, Karen Tucker, via email: karen@relishcateringco.com. Late submissions will not be accepted, as a selection committee made up of other chapters will need time to review the submissions. The 2019 winner will be announced at the May chapter meeting.


       Must be a “Professional Member” (Professional or Young Professional)

    •  Must be a member in good standing for a minimum of one year.
    •  Member cannot be an Experience! Conference Scholarship Recipient in the past 5 Years
    •  All members are eligible.
    •  All winners are required to sign a commitment form stating they understand they must attend all conference related activities or they will be required to pay NACE for any lost expenses.



    • How has Membership in NACE furthered your career? 
    • What is your motivation for wanting to attend a National Educational Conference?
    • Have you brought guests with you to NACE meetings in the past three years, or referred new members in the past three years?  What benefits did you suggest they might gain from their involvement?
    • How do you feel you are involved in NACE?
    • Have you been a regular attendee at monthly meetings?  Which three meetings have been most useful or informative for you personally?