Are you...Reserved?

    Unparalleled Savings
    Exclusive Opportunities

     “Reserved”, a brand-new discount program designed to make your NACE experience even better!  A one-time payment will allow you to enjoy a full year’s worth of monthly meetings that feature the finest education, networking and entertainment at a deeply reduced cost.  Available only to members of NACE, “Reserved” offers savings of up to $180 off the cost of the retail member rate.  Whether you plan to attend just a handful of meetings or if your New Year’s resolution is to join us every month in 2016, there’s an option built for you!  Click below to purchase today!

     5 vouchers only $150 (savings of $135)

    9 vouchers only $270 (savings of $180) - Not Available 

    The Fine Print:

    •          Vouchers can be used for any NACE Denver meeting in 2016 except the Fundraiser and Awards Dinner.
    •          Non-refundable.
    •          Non-transferable to another person (including other members).
    •          Must be a member in good-standing to purchase and use vouchers.
    •          All unused vouchers expire at the conclusion of the December 2016 program.
    •          Must still register for every monthly program.
    •          Members may cancel voucher use before 12 noon the Friday before the program and still retain voucher for future                use (only applies to 5-voucher Reserved members).
    •          Student or Young Professional members are not eligible to participate.


    How to Redeem Vouchers:

    • Navigate to the meeting page, and select “Register Now”
    • Sign in to your account using your ID Number and Password
    • Confirm your account date, and select “Continue”
    • Select the available ticket “NACE Member” by clicking “Add”
    • Add on the “Add Tickets” pop-up that appears, enter any Special Requests (vegetarian, dairy-free, etc) and select “Add”
    • On the right side of the screen, under “Added Tickets and Products,” verify the information is accurate. Under the Subtotal, find the “Apply <#> voucher(s) to this order”
    • Change the “0” to “1” and click “Apply”
    • You will note a new line item appears under the Subtotal that reads “Voucher redemption” and will zero out the Order Total. Click “Continue”
    • Verify all information is accurate on the next screen, and click “Continue”
    • A note will appear that reads “There is no charge for this order” -- click “Continue”
    • A confirmation will appear, allowing you to print a receipt (link above “Registration Information”) or return to the home page (lower right).
    • That’s it - you’re registered for the event.
    • Questions? Contact